Wasim Jaffer

Wasim Jaffer became a complete troll

Wasim Jaffer became a complete troll, Wasim Jaffer, former Test cricketer of Team India, who has been very active on social media for some time, Jaffer sometimes gives secret messages of Team India through social media.

And sometimes shares such mines which are viral in no time Recently, Jaffer made a tweet about Pakistani batsman Fawad Alam, on which Pakistani sports channel PTV Sports.

Wrote something in response, then what was Jaffer trolling this Pakistani sports channel in such a way that he got his tweet Fawad Alam slapped a century during the ongoing Test match against South Africa game at Karachi National Stadium.

On which Wasim Jaffer shared his almost 1-year-old tweet, saying that Pakistan batsman was highly praised, in fact, Wasim has long ago On Twitter.

He was surprised to see why Fawad Alam was not getting a place in the Pakistan team, PTV Sports responded in response to a tweet fromWasim Jaffer.

Wasim thank you for your tweet Wasim Jaffer wrote on the tweet. you are welcome Is it I did not know that PTV Sports’s Twitter handle is run by Alam or after the tweet, people started trolling PTV Sports fiercely and finally, they had to delete their tweets.

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